"I have been asked a lot about growing up lately. One solid thing I can say is that fear is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s something that, as you get older, you can get a bit more comfortable with. Fear is a very motivating thing in life. You should not be crippled by it - use it instead."
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"And I want, and I want, and I will always be hungry.”
Teen Wolf: 3B tribute.

"And I want, and I want, and I will always be hungry.

Teen Wolf: 3B tribute.

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  anyone  who  thinks  they  can  H U N T  and  K I L L  us  for  money,
          they  get  to  be  a  N A M E  on  our  D E A D P O O L

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Top ten Teen Wolf Characters, as voted by my followers.
#10: Coach Finstock.

Godfrey Gao for Men’s Uno - May 2014

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Careful, Jason. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

"Monsters force us to become stronger, smarter, better. They sift the weak from the strong and provide a forge for the steeling of souls. Even as we curse monsters, we admire them."

Apparently our detective squad has gotten drunk, compromised a crime scene, and an officer has gotten stuck in a trash shoot.  

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